Meat in a can? I think I’m a food snob…

Caledon Community Services website


May 7-11 is Hunger Awareness week run by Food Banks Canada.  CALEDON COMMUNITY SERVICES  is running a special program to increase EMPATHY with those in a situation that requires them to utilize the food bank, and to raise awareness of our own hunger challenge within our community.

Caledon Community Services has asked 10 high-profile people in Caledon to participate in this event by EATING EXACTLY WHAT THEY WOULD GET IN THE LOCAL FOOD BANK.  Then they’ll use feedback and media outlets to bring the challenges of the current program to the forefront.  They have asked me (Dr Ryan) to participate…not sure how I got picked as ‘high-profile;’ but I do think that I’m the perfect person for this project.

Here is the shopping list that we are given for the week:

Shopping List

  • 1 – 1lb bag of pasta of your choice
  • 2 cans of beans (Choice of chick peas, pork and beans, kidney beans or lentils)  540 ml each
  • 2 cans of soup (Usually tomato, mushroom or chicken noodle) 284 ml each
  • 1 box of macaroni & cheese
  • 1 package of rice (Uncle Ben’s/No Name)
  • 1 can of spaghetti sauce
  • 1 can of vegetables 398 ml
  • 1 can of meat (175 g)
  • 1 Speciality item:  Box of cereal; jar of peanut butter; jar of jam; pancake mix
  • $8. – Your choice (Must be spent in a grocery store, not a restaurant)

Obviously I have some concerns.  Several in fact, and I will be blogging about my experience with this process, to be released through local media, e-blast, facebook, etc as directed by the CCS.

I’m going to measure by BMI, blood pressure, weight, fat percentage, water/hydration rate, muscle mass etc and measure what happens in this week. I know that just looking at the food items I calculate that I eat more real nutrients in two meals than I will the entire week.  The caloric intake will be lower too – so we’ll see how workouts go!  Even before starting the week I have anxiety about it – which tells me one thing – I think I am a FOOD SNOB.   Seriously, I had no idea that you could still buy meat in a can?  I have a lot to learn, and already this project is doing its job — raising awareness about the needs associated with our local food bank.  I hope you follow along and consider contributing to the CCS.


The Caledon food support program currently aids 846 clients (families, individuals and children in our community).  Per month the CCS gives out $7,000 in food certificates (secured through fundraising such as the Santa Fund).  The program provides clients with a monthly gift card ($70 for a family of four – per month!) and 1 box of food per person.

At Inside Out Family Chiropractic I have decided to set up a special donation box at the front desk.  Please consider this, and at the end of the week the patients of Inside Out will be able to present the CCS with some funds to support the program.   Thank you for participating!

Dr Ryan