A year in review 2015

Wow! I cannot believe another year has passed so quickly! This year we saw more people return to health than in any other year… I hope this trend continues right into 2016. Here are some health highlights from the past year:

34 year old Pastor John suffered with severe sciatica with raging pain in his right leg. He missed several baptismal ceremonies, unable to physically handle the immersion. He had tried everything, except chiropractic. 1 week after starting care he was back at it, and performed 3 baptisms that weekend.

4year old Noah suffered with chronic ear infections and a severe speech impediment. This is common with repeating doses of antibiotics and tubes. He’s been infection free for a year, and has caught up on his speech! Yes!

3 year old Patrick has been constipated since birth – his mom having to stimulate him with a q-tip in order to even poop. It was frustrating and emotionally exhausting for the whole family. 3 specific chiropractic adjustments and he had his first of many poops on his own. One month in he was fully potty trained and remains that way!

Steve had suffered with chronic, severe Migraine headaches for years. The side effects of the pain killers were destroying his organs. After starting his chiropractic care, Frank’s headaches disappeared and he’s been headache and pill free for nearly 8 months!

46 year old Rick had ongoing neck pain since a car accident over a decade ago. His neck made clicking noises when he turned it, and he ended up with a headache every afternoon. After finding an alignment problem on x-ray, and fixing it, he has been headache and pain free since February.

I also had the pleasure of assessing many newborns for spinal subluxation, and was happy to find more than ever that the babies were all perfect. Definitely the more natural the birth process, the better off for baby!

I love getting to be a family chiropractor. I love it when kids fight over who gets to go first. I love the drawings and crafts that they make me, and the energy that our healthy families have.

Thank you to Lisa, Lindsey, Monica and Dr. Darrin for playing full out all year with me; and coming alongside on the mission to add great value to the community that we call home.

I wish all of God’s blessings to you and your families for a great finish to 2015, and a healthy and happy start to 2016!

Dr. Ryan



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