Christmas and Rats

Feel like there isn’t enough time? Money? Energy? Whatever? We stress out. We stay up late. We eat poorly, and probably drink too much. Is it any wonder that diseases flourish at this time of the year?

Here’s a story to illustrate a point:

Years ago there was a garbage collection strike in New York City. Being filled with so many people, the garbage gathered quickly and mounds of it could be found strewn all over the city – it was a disaster for everyone.

Well, almost everyone. It was really, really good for the rats! Yes, the rats!

They had a ton to eat. They were having a ball! They had new places to hide and lots to feed on – they were having the time of their lives! In fact, the rat population flourished! The environment couldn’t have been more hospitable!

So, picture it… there happens to be a ton of garbage and a ton of rats at the same time. No sane person ever says: “Look at all the garbage these rats brought here!” Of course the rats are there because the garbage was there FIRST.

It’s the same with your body and bugs. It’s inaccurate to point at the disease (the flu bug, or whatever is going around) as the CAUSE of your illness. The flu doesn’t bring illness to your body, but rather, those things are around BECAUSE your body, overcome with stress, sugar, and alcohol, becomes a perfect breeding environment for bugs. Again, the garbage was there FIRST.

I know it’s gross to think of, but your body is like the garbage dump for rats, when you feed it garbage and stress out.
So, what do I do? Do I eat perfectly, and remain stress free at this time of the year – lol, nope.

But, if I am going to a Christmas party tonight, I’ll just eat a perfectly clean breakfast and lunch today, so that I can enjoy myself tonight, without letting garbage “build up” in my body. I’ll exercise MORE. I’ll get adjusted MORE often. I’ll do the things that help my body work better more often, so that I can enjoy the other things.

It’s not really that complicated – it’s actually a simple decision. This Christmas, CHOOSE to keep your body clean, and the rats won’t have a chance!

Merry Christmas to you all, and especially to the patients at Inside Out – getting to serve you makes me feel so blessed!

Dr. Ryan






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