How I became a chiropractor…

How I Became A Chiropractor

I didn’t always know that I wanted to be a chiropractor. I never went as a kid (sadly), nor did anyone in my family. I just always knew that I wanted to do something that had to do with health.

I went to university at McMaster for Kinesiology, thinking that I’d be a phys-ed teacher of some sort. I loved health and wellness, I loved sports, and I loved teaching kids (I was a power skating instructor for many years) – so I thought it’d be a natural fit.

Then, while in 2nd year, representatives from CMCC (Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College) came to speak to us about chiropractic. They gave some great advice to us – they said that if we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to be, that we should go to observe the many disciplines in real life. So I did that.

I spent a day with each of the following: a family doctor, dentist, orthodontist, phys-ed teacher, orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, physiotherapist, nutritionist, hospital administrator, and lab technician.

I had the grades to do anything I wanted, but, after doing all of that, the only person who seemed to really LOVE what they were doing was the chiropractor. I went back to see him several times, each time he generously offered his time and energy to help me understand the inside out philosophy that chiropractic is based on. I found my calling!!!! After 3rd year at McMaster I went to CMCC for my doctorate.

So, I was TOTALLY going to be a sports chiropractor –a perfect blend of the things I loved the most – science and sports! Until 2nd year chiropractic college. Then it happened.

Dr. Mike Brickman (RIP) came to teach pediatrics at CMCC – I was in the front row (I know –nerd!) and half way through his presentation, I heard some noise coming from behind the podium he was standing. He reached down, and pulled out his beautiful baby girl! Not wanting to interrupt his flow – he walked right to me, put her in my arms, gave me her soother, and walked away! He just kept teaching.

I had never held a 2 month old baby. Not as an adult anyways. I was IN LOVE! Then and there I found my calling to have a family chiropractic practice.

It’s amazing how one simple thing can completely change the course of your life!


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