The Rise (and Fall) of the SUPER-MOM!

Are you, or do you know, a SUPER-MOM?

SUPER-MOM (definition):

A loving, giving, serving creature with 6 arms and 6 legs.
Able to run on little to no sleep for months at a time.
Everyone in her house is well-fed, and well-loved.
Accomplishes more before 8 am or late at night than most people do in a week.
Is able to keep 25 things on the go in her mind, without it blowing up.
May, just may, lose her marbles sometimes, but for good reason.
Puts herself at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole, always.
Doesn’t know how much she is appreciated.  And more…

While this isn’t the entire definition, when I look at my wife I see the same thing that I see in so many patients – people who put MASSIVE stress on THEMSELVES to come through as super mom in their lives.

While this is admirable, I’m choosing to be the one who at least stands up for their health and have decided to make May “MOM’S MONTH!”

I even designed my own GIFT CERTIFICATES for mom’s (hey, I think they are pretty good so don’t make fun!) that is good for any mom who has never had her spine checked by us – it’s worth $150 for an initial consultation, examination and xray if needed.  Hey, it’s something.  A way to say we care.  A way to say WE NOTICE that you put your own health last.  A lot.

Did you know that there are 3 kids of stress that cause subluxation?

1.    Physical stress: getting up in the middle of the night and falling asleep beside the young fussing child, in their bed, on the corner, falling off the side.  Doing 8 loads of laundry, fixing lunches and cleaning at the same time.  Carrying a bowling ball for 9 months, and then giving birth to said bowling ball.  Etcetera.
2.    Chemical stress: Eating on the go, quickly, last minute, wrong time of day, etc.
3.    Emotional Stress: well – this list could go on forever, but suffice it to say that SUPER MOM’S have all of their own emotional stresses PLUS carrying all of the worries and stresses of every other family member at the expense of their own sanity sometime!

Subluxation causes breakdown and disease – and mom’s deserve better.

Would you please consider helping us in our mission to have a bunch of deserving mom’s get a chance to have a little “me time,” some time and energy devoted to their health and well being.  Because without them, life doesn’t really work that well.

Simply ask for one of the SUPER MOM gift certificates.  They are all good until the end of May!  Thanks 🙂

Dr. Ryan
Inside Out Family Chiropractic
905 951 9911


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