So simple it almost offends the mind.

Rev. Father Edward P Hogan, 1961:   The chiropractor, when he applies the principles upon which his profession is based, is instrumental in the restoration and maintenance of health. Health, you see, is not from the chiropractor. Health is a common heritage; it is the normal condition that the body enjoys when coming from the hand of God. What the chiropractor does is to help release the vital energy given to the body by God and thus restores and maintains health.”


One of my favourite sayings that you’ll find posted in Chiropractic offices around the world is this:


What does that mean?  It’s simple: man’s understanding of the human body can never come close to the intelligence it took to create that body in the first place – period.  That means that as a doctor, one of my main duties is to be consistently aware that a person’s ability to function and heal is directly linked to the ability of their body to express it’s God-given potential.

Any interference to the flow of this intelligence from Above-Down-Inside-Out necessarily causes that person to BE less than they were designed to be.  This interference in the body is called SUBLUXATION.

Similarly, removal of this interference allows this person to express more of their innate potential.  The removal of this interference is called an ADJUSTMENT.

I love that I get to work with the power that created the universe!



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