You Are Amazing, Like Superman

Caledon Enterprise – Kids First Column – Jan 2012



You Are Amazing, Like Superman

“You were designed to function, heal and re-create with perfection; from above-down-inside-out!”  That is the foundational philosophy in our practice.  It is different, for sure; and it’s amazing.

Every cell, tissue and organ of the body is guided by the power that runs from the brain to the nerves.; then on to the organs and cells.  To understand the extent of this system you can just look at Christopher Reeves, the actor who played Superman in the movies.  He fell from a horse and had an injury that interfered with this system – the brain could no longer talk to the body at all.  And what happened?  He lost function of EVERYTHING, and eventually his life.

Now he didn’t break his legs…but he could no longer walk.  He didn’t break his lungs…but he often needed a respirator to breathe.  He didn’t break his digestive tract…but required special enzymes to help digest food.  He didn’t break his sex organs…but they would not have worked again.  You see, he broke the POWER SUPPLY!  And when you interfere with the power supply, the body can no longer function, heal and re-create!  Not Ok!

Look at yourself right now.  For your heart to beat, lungs to breathe, blood pressure to respond properly, blood sugar to remain stable, food to digest, bowels to empty, etc etc – all controlled magnificently from ABOVE (brain), DOWN (through the nerves) INSIDE-OUT (from the core outwards)!  When you have a problem in the spine, your body cannot function at it’s best, period.  This is called a subluxation.

When it’s not working properly how does your body sometimes (notice I said SOMETIMES) respond?  SYMPTOMS!  Now are symptoms the problem, or are they evidence that there IS a problem?  Is a headache a problem, or evidence that there is a problem?  When Superman couldn’t walk, was that his problem; or was it evidence that there was a problem?  You see, it is so important to be clear that the treatment of symptoms alone does NOT fix the underlying problem.

It’s interesting that most people think that chiropractors are spine or bone doctors – this is not the whole story.  The truth is that the only reason that chiropractors look to the spine is because that is where the spinal cord is… it is the medium through which you can affect the ENTIRE body and therefore overall health.  If your spinal cord was in your hand, you’d know chiropractors as hand doctors.  Understand?

We all are designed to function, heal and re-create from above-down-inside-out….hence the name of our office, Inside Out!


See you in two weeks.





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